2. Sequoia Back Office System

Sequoia Back Office is a full-functioned back office operation system. Is a multi-segment, multi-exchange, multi-user, Windows based package designed to deliver excellent value for small, medium and large sized Company.

Sequoia Back Office system provide reporting for Inventory, Staff, Sales, Finance & Accounting and Human Resources.

Sequoia Back Office system will help company by 5 features; there are Inventory, Reporting, Customer Management, Human Resources and Account Integration.

* Stock Balance enquiring
* Pos Stock Control
* Stock Receive
* Stock Transfer
* Stock Return
* Stock Write Off
* Stock Take
* Integrated with handheld scanner for stock take
or stock transfer
* Exchange Good

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
* VIP Member Sales

Human Resources
* Staff Quota
* Staff Commission
* Time Attendance

Account Integration
* Auto, Update master files from the HQ everyday

– Sales
* Fast Selling
* Slow Selling
* Sales Detail
* Sales Summary

– Staff
* Attendance
* Sales Performance

– Inventory
* Purchase Order
* Goods Receive
* Stock Adjustment
* Stock Balance
* Stock Movement
* Stock Take
* Stock Transfer

– Finance & Accounting
* Expenses
* Profit and Loss

– Human Resource
* Commission
* Salary